Photograph by Margaret Hogg

Photograph by Margaret Hogg


Castlemaine Zen began in a small dilapidated garage in 2009. We sat on the concrete floor with camping blankets, candles and an improvised bell.

Since then we’ve grown into a committed and passionate group of people who now meet regularly for zazen, dharma discussion, silent walks and special events.

Our form and ritual comes from the Diamond Sangha, first established by Robert Aitken and Anne Hopkins Aitken in 1959. The Diamond Sangha is now recognised as one of the most dynamic and creative Zen traditions in the world.

Castlemaine Zen enjoys strong and vital links with many other sanghas across Australia, including:

Zen Open Circle

Melbourne Zen Group

Mountains and Rivers Zen

Zen Group of Western Australia

Darwin Zen Group

If you would like to join our thriving community and learn about upcoming events, please contact us here.