Formal Ceremony to mark Kynan Sutherland’s appointment as Apprentice Teacher

On Sunday 18th August Castlemaine Zen hosted a formal ceremony mark Kynan Sutherland’s appointment as Apprentice Teacher in the Diamond Sangha Lineage. Members of the Melbourne Zen Group, Mountains and RIvers Zen (Hobart) and Castlemaine Zen came together to celebrate this appointment, and Kynan was presented with a kotsu, or teaching stick…


Kynan Sutherland Appointed as Apprentice Teacher

From Susan Murphy Roshi:

I am pleased to announce that I am appointing Kynan Sutherland to the role of apprentice Zen teacher — placing on his shoulders the inestimable weight of the tradition, and the choiceless obligation to carry it forward, bring it vividly to life, and pass it safely into other hands as time goes on.  

I have every confidence in Kynan’s ability to do all of this with a serious, loving and meticulous care, enriched and enlivened by his literary and artistic background.  His eye is clear, his heart is impassioned, his words are sound and his humility is genuine…


Susan Murphy Roshi at the Sakyadita Conference

On 23rd June Susan Murphy gave the Opening Keynote Address for the 16th International Sakyadhita Conference in NSW. Here is a copy of her talk:

I am humbled and honoured by the invitation to offer the opening keynote address to such an important and luminous gathering of women! 

Twenty minutes is a very short time in which to address the obvious fact and impact of the silencing and marginalizing of women in the Buddhist tradition for the last several thousand years — and its studied indifference towards the venerable enlightened women who actually managed, against the odds, to break past such formidable barriers to practice, teach and inspire others…